What type of gear does my child need?

Nature school kids need good gear.  Not expensive, high-end gear, just good sturdy gear that keeps you warm and dry.  
We've complied items and links to find what we feel works best...

Gear List

Star Child Nature School is a fully outdoor program. The children need to be able to stay dry and warm for an extended amount of time and for the younger children this usually means a full body rain suit. If your child is uncomfortable with the idea of a full body suit, waders or rain pants and a good rain jacket with a hood are acceptable.   

Tuffo Muddy Buddy www.tuffo.com,  Oakiwear www.oaki.com or Polarn O. Pyret www.polarnopyretusa.com are recommended rain suits. The following unique 25% discount code: starchildnatureschool can be applied to all orders $29.99+ placed on oaki.com (and shipping is free). Additionally a variety of gear can be bought through Biddle and Bop. Run by a NJ mom Biddle and Bop offers everything from gear to learning materials.

Use our private code STARCHILD at checkout or just click the link below:

https://www.biddleandbop.com/discount/STARCHILD  this link is good until August 17th.

 Tuffo and versions of can also be found on Amazon and even on line at Bed Bath & Beyond.

A rain suit with elastic on the bottom to go OVER boots is a great choice to best keep feet and the inside of boots dry for all ages.

Searching for raingear at thrift stores and on FB yard sale sites can be helpful in finding a rainsuit at a discounted price.

Parents who may find purchasing a full body rain suit/rain or snow gear out of their financial means please let Melissa or Kelly know and we can work together to provide gear for your child.

Additionally please join the Star Child Nature School Parent page on FB to ask for gear to buy or swap. Look for information to come regarding selling/buying gear from Star Child families during your Meet and Greet date.

Your child will need:

*Full change of clothes (including underwear and socks) packed daily in backpacks- including a hoodie or other thick comfy shirt to be worn if jacket gets wet

*Reusable bag for wet/dirty clothes (can be kept in backpack)

*Rain boots

*Winter jacket

*Snow pants (either overall style or pants)- we will wear these all winter long for warmth not just on snow days

*Snow boots

*Waterproof gloves or mittens


*Inexpensive fabric gloves (2 pair) to wear under waterproof gloves or mittens

*Base layers-wool or Under Armor style-bottoms, tops and socks (wool socks are great)

*Large backpack- waterproof if you want, but not necessary- if not please pack a garbage bag for backpack to be put in if it rains- please be sure pack can fit changes of clothes

*Hand towel

*Lunch box/bag (for K/1st/2nd grade and homeschool classes and those staying for lunch)

*Reusable/refillable water bottle (to have on hand daily)