Star Child offers Nature Based Experiences for children
2 -10 years old
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2 year old- 4 Year-Olds

meet 2-5 days a week

Classes are offered for children 2-turning 3 years old and children 3-turning 4 years old. Do you have a little one that loves to be outdoors no matter the weather?  Maybe they struggle with using an inside voice and have lots of energy that seems to never quit?  Nature school may be a perfect fit!  Children can embrace being loud like dinosaurs as they stomp to our outdoor classrooms or tiptoe quietly to see a deer or favorite type of bird.  Nature school connects children's love of discovery, need to be physical, desire for sensory play and want to learn what the world is all about.  Our outdoor classrooms offer places to climb, build, play, create learn or just be. 
We pride ourselves in offering small class sizes; for our 2-turning 3 year old classes we have a 2 teachers to 6 children ratio. 
For our 3- turning 4 year old classes we have a 2 teachers to 8 children ratio

4 turning 5 Year-Olds
meet 2-5 days a week

One cool thing about nature school is that things are always changing...the hole that was dug on Monday is filled with water after a long rain on Tuesday-perfect for making soup, a bike washing station or jumping over (or in!).  Nature school allows children the opportunity to learn in an environment that makes us aware.  We understand that why it's hard for animals to find food in winter because we see there are no leaves, no berries and few plants.  We discover ice when the temperature drops and the amazing sounds it makes when rocks are thrown.  We feel the warm sun of spring and see the return of insects, buds and sprouts.  Our pre-K program connects discovery, compassion and age appropriate learning in a way children can understand...through play and real life experiences.
We pride ourselves in offering small class sizes.  Our 4-turning 5 year old classes have a 2 teachers to 12 children ratio.

5-10 year olds 
Full time Monday-Thursday 9-2
Homeschool Classes 7 week sessions 9-2

Does your child love to learn through real life experiences?  Are you looking for an alternative education that allows for creative, age appropriate opportunities to discover, make friends, connect with the natural world, run, play, climb and explore? 
Our 5-10 year old program offers small class sizes,(12 children max) licensed and highly educated teachers and nature-based curriculum all while taking into account the interests of each child.   Social, emotional and educational growth is supported as children are met where they are and respected for who they are.
We invite you to visit our classes!  Meet our teachers, join us for a lesson, a wander, an art experience, yoga, Spanish or a visit to feed the goats to see what outdoor school looks like! 
We pride ourselves in our small class sizes with a 2 teachers to 12 children ratio.  

Child and Caregiver Classes 

Meet Tuesdays from 10-11 in 5 week sessions
Offered for star children walking-2.5 years old.
Join Ms. Andrea in our outdoor play space. You'll connect with other nature loving adults while you and your child enjoy discovery, sensory and social activities. 

Come Visit!  We'd love to meet you!

Email to set up a tour.  Please use 1717 Ark Rd Hainesport in your GPS.  
Our outdoor classrooms are nestled throughout the property; wear comfortable shoes, bring a water bottle and a stroller if needed.

As we continue to update our offerings and website please call 856.906.2548
or email
for more information regarding classes.